VLV Med Pharmacy Inc. is located in the heart of Washington Heights, New York and has had a footprint in the community since 1985. We’re also a top-rated provider that garners positive reviews daily and continues to receive referrals and repeat customers. These are some of the items we offer to all of our existing and potential clients:

Pharmacy Services in Washington Heights, NY – Prescription Medications

One of our primary focuses is to fill prescriptions for Washington Heights patients so that they can restore or maintain their wellness. We fill an array of brand-name and generic medicines to give our customers and medics a fair choice. Additionally, we keep our pharmacy‘s inventory stocked to ensure that our clients get their prescriptions filled as quickly as possible.

Over-the-Counter Remedies

We also have a vast assortment of over-the-counter medicine for customers who indulge in holistic treatments and self-care. Since it’s suitable to treat some conditions at home, we ensure that we always keep our OTC products in the location. Visit us during business hours for allergy relief, body temperature control, weight management, and more. We may even have some products you didn’t know we carried. We’re available by telephone or personal visit to help you find the OTC products you need to manage your condition.

Beauty Products

Beauty is another sector of product inventory we have. For example, you can come to us if you need skincare items, such as cleaners, age-defiance products, or creams for acne or allergy management. Never assume we don’t carry something you need because our inventory is quite extensive.

Contact us first and ask us about our offerings or stop by to check our shelves. We are fully staffed with knowledgeable, helpful associates who can guide you to your desired products or inform you of the best substitutions. They can also help to ensure you make the best choice for your condition or concern. Our dedication to helping our clients is the number one reason we’ve been in business for 40+ years and will continue to succeed in the field.

You can reach us using a variety of methods. For questions about inventory or delivery options, you can call us at 212-923-7530. Alternatively, you can choose to stop by and visit us. Our pharmacy is located at 4085 Broadway, and we are open from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. We hope you find everything you need to keep yourself thriving well, and we are dedicated to helping you do that.

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